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 Rita Kuzmenko founded GTG with the belief that anyone could learn about technology if they wanted too. Rita has had a passion for computers since her Commodore 64. Since then she has eagerly embraced new technological gadgets with joyful glee.
   Rita has always been the person that family and friends turn to for instruction on their computers or electronic devices. She has also been the default "technology expert" in all her corporate and non profit jobs for over 25 years. With her technological knowledge for both Mac and PC, previous teaching experience, patience and wonderful sense of humor, Rita makes learning technology stress free and fun. 
   Rita holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Boston University and has a Masters of  Science in Education focusing on Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University.

Having sat through too many boring corporate "training sessions", we are excited about our ability to to offer conversion of company training sessions (Mostly PowerPoint, am I right?) into exciting e-learning classes that employees can take on their own. With e-learning courses, your company no longer needs to lose hours or days of productivity while employees are away from their desks, sitting  in a conference room while a manager reads the words on the screen verbatim. Instead, your employees can take the training course during their downtime at work and learn as much, if not more from the training session.
We have worked with companies such as  Chicago's Brookfield Zoo to create informative and interactive courses that not only teach your employees, but assess what information they have retained.

Even if you have never turned on a computer before, GTG can help guide you to becoming as proficient as you would like to be.

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