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Instructional Design

Gentle Technology Guidance can also create e-learning courses for your company. We have experience converting existing instructor-led courses into engaging e-learning courses employees can take at their pace as well as working with SME's to create e-learning courses from the ground up. Our courses grab the attention of the learners so that they stay interested in the contents of the course. We take your boring PowerPoint presentations (You know, the ones where the "instructor" reads everything on the slide to the snoozing people in the room) and convert them to fun courses your employees can actually learn from.

  Our e-learning courses are filled with visuals and interactions that supplement and reinforce the audio narration. We don't create programs that are filled with text and read them word for word to your learners.

Adobe Captivate is a very popular e-learning program. Courses created with this program can have a lot of interaction by the learner and quizzes to measure their learning.

Storyline is a powerful program for creating e-learning courses.
This program is one of the most popular software programs for creating e-learning classes.

We use Prezi for some of the presentations we give. We find the zooming and swirling to be visually interesting.

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