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Retirement Communities

Retirement homes provide a feeling of community among one’s peers, however, they may also foster a feeling of disconnect and isolation from a resident’s family. Electronic communication is currently the most prevalent form of communication and most of us email or text daily without a second thought. However, this form of communication is a mystery to most of the people living in retirement homes. There is a huge desire for electronic communication capabilities from families, with their elderly relatives.

GTG recognizes that people who have never used electronic communications or electronic devices may feel that this technology is beyond their learning. Sadly, these residents could be awaiting occasional phone calls or visits from their family in order to keep in touch and feel connected and a part of their lives. In today’s busy society and overscheduled children, these visits and phone calls are becoming less frequent and briefer. With GTG’s assistance, your residents will have the capability of sending and receiving information and pictures as often as they would like. 

Research has proven that elderly people who are provided continuous instruction on the computer, and who have email contact with their friends and family are less depressed and have more self esteem (Billipp, 2001).

Internet usage also allows the elderly to “visit” places and learn information that they would not otherwise have access too.

“the most vital aspect of the use of technology is that it fosters greater independence. With the increased ability to manipulate the computer, the elderly person’s loneliness, caused by immobility and isolation, may be diminished, since a computer can travel anywhere (Shapiro,1995).”

GTG provides visits to your facility to assist residents in setting up emails and teaching them how to use it. We also provide other technological assistance such as setting up and training the residents on e-readers, tablets, their cell phones and any other device. We can assist your resident with downloading pictures that their family and friends send them, and loading the pictures to an electronic frame. For the very ambitious, we can also assist them with setting up Facebook accounts. GTG will also teach email and Facebook etiquette, as we don’t want the families inundated with inboxes full of FW: emails and political hyperbole. We can explain Facebook to those who aren’t aware of the public aspect of this site.

Most importantly, GTG teaches your residents at their pace. We realize that amazing things are capable with technology, however, we teach what the resident wants to learn at their pace. We do not overwhelm them. We have the patience to show them the same thing week after week.

By having GTG work with your residents, you also have an additional opportunity for enrichment. Your residents don’t have to worry about being isolated from their loved ones, as GTG will be there to help them keep in touch. The families do not have to worry about purchasing their loved ones devices such as e-readers or laptops as GTG can show the resident how to use them, thus lessoning the burden on the family to show the resident at each visit.

We also offer classes at retirement homes. Some of the most popular are iPhone/iPad, Android devices, Facebook, Overview of social media sites, and Microsoft Word. 

Can you afford NOT to have Gentle Technology Guidance at your facility?

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