• E-reader device set up
  • E-reader use instruction
  • Instruction on how to download books to your e-reader

Computers - Mac or PC:

  • Basic hardware overview
  • Instruction on commonly used programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel or any program you would like to learn.
  • Printing documents
  • Hardware installation
  • Virus removal


    • Set up an email account
    • Show you how to get your email
    • Teach you how to save & send pictures
    • Email Etiquette
    • Lessons in common email scams

          Social Sites:

    • Assistance in setting up accounts in Facebook and/or other social groups
    • Instruction on Facebook/social group layouts, options and privacy settings
    • Social group etiquette
    Technology guidance at your pace
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    We can help you understand technology and start using it to connect with your family and friends. 
    These are just some of the instruction we offer:

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